What is wedding registry?

Ask & You will recieve

   A wedding registry is simple process by which the person celebrating indicates the gifts she/they would want to recieve on the day of their celebration.Guests(who are listed by the person celebrating) are advised of the same and they buy their choice from the gifts selected.Makes every one heappy.

Why a Wedding registry :

If you and your sweetheart are wondering whether you should create a wedding registery,here's a word of advice: Just do it. Registering is the simplest and most practical way to ensure you'll recieve jewellery gifts that you want and need.

Registering will also make gift-giving easier on your guests. Most people would love to buy you that special item that perfectly represents your friendship or is a one-of-a-kind treasure, but let’s face facts: most people also don’t have the luxury of unlimited time to spend shopping. A registry lets them know exactly what you need, so they can feel confident that one, you’ll appreciate the gift, and two, you won’t receive six more just like it.

The process: please register and fill the following details. Ensure that all the details  are filled.

                      1. About Yourself and the Celebration                       2. Guests/Friends/Relatives lists                       3. Gifts You want to recieve

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